River of blood

A newly released quest-------river of blood,the vampire series conclusion,had been popular among players,you can get a lot from this quest, Runescape gold,nice Runescape Items,rare mounts and etc are all included.It is also a great quest for Runescape power leveling workers,the map is fit for getting plenty of experience and the refresh time for the mops is short too.Here, I would like to introduce the quest to you guys.

The epic Myreque quest series comes to a head in River of Blood. Vanescula has shown her true colors and is poised to invade Misthalin, crossing the River Salve with a newly immune army of vyres. Rush to King Roald and resolve a dangerous conflict that threatens all of Gielinor. Are you up to the task?You will be given the usual quest points and Treasure Hunter keys as well as the following specific XP rewards: 50,000 Firemaking XP, 50,000 Fletching XP, 50,000 Mining XP and 75,000 Herblore XP.

During the Blood Essence,completing the quest will also give you access to the new defensive pocket slot items blood essences. They are similar to auras but have their own cool-down and charge with the congealed blood drop that can be earned by killing Morytania creatures (especially ravenous ghouls). They have a constant passive effect and a more potent, short-term, activated effect for those times when you really need a defensive boost. Further explore the art of blood essences by burning vyre corpses in the Columbarium after you have completed River of Blood, but we’ll let you discover all about that for yourselves!Your next reward will continue the Myreque series tradition of discovering newer and better weapons. It is a new and augment-able (post-quest) two-handed blister-wood weapon for each combat style, but with a small twist.

Finally, as with a few of the previous Myreque quests, you will also get a multi-use XP tome, granting experience in skills of your choice. If you manage to earn and use it during this month of April, it will have an extra use as an early bird bonus!You can also check out the full patch notes for today's update in the forum thread.

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At the end of the text, i hope you guys can harvest a lot in this quest, and also have a great time during the process, see you!

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