Full World PvP System

Today let us talk about the runescape game,what do you think about runescape,do you think runescape game is an interesting game? Runescape game is famous for all over the world, it attracts people’s eyes to play it in different countries. Pvp is a system of runescape game,it is essential in game.This system adds the option to full world PvP without having to use a separate server. It gives us more targets and allows all PvP and Non-PvP to co-exist in the same world. It will also work in tandem with the current style of PvP of using minigames and the wilderness with some minor tweaks.

The driving force that prevents a player from participating in PvP is the fear of losing expensive gear. This is understandable. Nobody wants to spend weeks, months gathering equipment only to lose it in seconds to PvP. You could argue it should be renamed GvP (groups vs player). Well Jagex solution was to create the Wilderness and banish all those who wish to participate in PvP to their nice little controlled box and entice players by offering greater and more powerful rewards for venturing into the area. The problem with that idea is it's a never ending battle. You continuously have to upgrade the area to keep people interested because once they get what they are after they will invariably go back to doing things that will minimize the risk of losing their spoils. Once again, perfectly understandable. This is the critical point of failure for the RS PvP system.

Players are confined to a known PvP area thereby removing the element of surprise. When one expects to die they will not wear their best equipment to do so. It would be more appropriate to say at this point that people are willing to risk their spoils, but only if they feel certain they could control the outcome by minimizing risk. Whether it is true or not doesn't matter. It's the belief they have control and have minimized the risk is what matters. You must give the illusion of control.With how few people are interested in pking and risking their gear in particular I don't see this idea working all that well. You would already have around 90% of players that would go green without a second though, since not being able to play the game because of the risk of being pked constantly is not something they are interested in at all.

A lot of systems would have to change to not let people that did choose to pk be able to train skills or kill bosses safely in instances. Having the decision permanent would also greatly reduce the number of people interested in pking since they would not be able to actually play the game. Swapping gold and gear and training on a green alt account would be rampant, completely removing the risk of pking while making money or going bossing. With how few people would go around the world on vulnerable pking accounts there would have to be a specific location agreed upon to find anyone interested in pking, say perhaps the wilderness north of edgeville. In the end it might average out that the very few people that would pk and the very large number of worlds available would mean that there would be almost no risk of pvp outside of the agreed upon hot spots, but they would just use their green alt accounts anyways so they aren't risking their gear.

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