Reason for quitting Deadman mode

Hi. In a nutshell I've played on and off since classic. Love this game. Favorite game ever. Never played a game so consistently through my life. I came back to OSRS for the Deadman Mode release. This game mode is AWESOME. 5 x exp rates. Saved skills. Exp loss on death making the option of skulling a real thinker, I like it, allot of people don't but i am okay with it. Jagex i am okay with every mechanic you placed in Deadman.

Minus one..small..detail. I feel is overlooked. And if you truly value your players and hell if you want to keep taking mine and others money I think I could be greatly stood behind in this statement.

I should have to worry if I go into a multi zone. I should worry for my life. I should also worry, outside of a multi zone, i am still prone to attack, I should be weary. I should also have to be on my toes in the wilderness, in unguarded banks, in any unguarded zone. I however strongly, strongly feel, if I just braved the dangers of pulling a level and going to the mage arena to fight for my right to party with flames of zammy, I really really think, that when I return to Var-rock West Bank to bank items and celebrate my victory of prevailing the dangers of the wilderness..

I should not let it occur to me that i am going to walk into the bank and get dark bowed by a player hiding in a pile of 30 players. I should not get one hit in a guarded area. I should NOT.. have to be on my toes in an area where it is implied that if someone is going to attack me the guards will ensure peace and safety. I lost my bank (with exceptions to items held by the storage wizard p.s. love the storage wizard idea) .. I quit. I cannot tolerate this. I love this game, I love this game version. But lets draw a line somewhere Jagex. I get it. Deadman. We're all deadmen. But really? REALLY? that's not fair ( opinion.. of course just opinion) .. but darn it all... of everything you feel the need to keep in the game.. I think you overlooked something here guys. Feedback. please Jagex.

I've been killed a few times fair and square and i was fine with it. Other players pking me is fair game since that's the whole point of the game. I trained my combat stats up so players would think twice about attacking me. Today i switched worlds and clicked too fast and i ended up attacking a player in the safe area because the game is broken. i knew about the bug since day one and had been avoiding it until today. for some reason it just slipped my mind and i clicked on the bank window too fast and it ended up attacking another player and i lost all my bank. I have the attack players option to always right click so it's not like i was trying to attack anybody. This game is game breaking and i probably wont be returning. spent a week, give or take a few days, trying to make money so i could buy good armor and now all of it is gone due to a game breaking bug. i do not know how this bug has not been hot fixed since it has been known since day.

That is the reason i want to share with you guys, maybe i should add one more: difficulty for farming plenty Runescape gold.HA HA, have a nice day, see you!

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