Cooking in Runescape

Fire is a amazing element in nature, people learned how to make a fire in ancient time. They use fire to keep their body warm, threat dangerous animals and finally they used fire to cook food. Fire is the most important discovery in the development of history. As we all know that, cooking become one of arts in modern society, it attributes to fire. We can cook delicious food in our real life, so does in Runescape.

Cooking is useful, because eating food restores lost life points. As someone new to the skill, you may find that you may often burn food that you try to cook. The more your level increases, the less food you will burn. As your Cooking skill increases, you will also have access to a wider range of foods that you are able to cook. You can cook food on an open fire or on a range.

By using the Firemaking skill, you have the option to cook your food in any area of RuneScape (as long as you have a tinderbox and some logs in your inventory).

To cook using a fire, left-click on the item in you inventory that you would like to cook so that it becomes outlined in white, then left-click on a fire.

You can also use Cooking ranges which are located all around the land of RuneScape. Using the range allows you to cook a wider variety of food and food will be less likely to burn if cooked on a range. Once you have your raw/uncooked food, left-click on the item in you inventory that you would like to cook so that it becomes outlined in white, then use it with the Cooking range.

Cooking ranges can be found by looking for the Cooking range symbol on the world map.

If you're carrying more than one piece of raw food (of the same type), you are able to cook them all without having to select each item individually. Click on a cooking range or an open fire and a screen similar to the image to the left will appear.

After a screen appears, you can simply click on the action that you wish to perform and you will do so on all items of that type you are carrying. Alternatively, you can set the number of this action you wish to perform with the +/- icons in the bottom-right corner of this interface.

Cooking raw food and make it to be delicious food, eat them and enjoy your product of labor. Please upgrade your cooking skills first, in that way, you can make a good food at some place that dont exist cooking ranges. How to get your cooking skills up, you have to farm more Runescape Gold to level your character or you can find us to do Runescape Power Leveling for your. I hope everyone can enjoy his food that cooked by himself.

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