Slayer Masks Combination

Slayer masks are great tools in runescape game, there are different kinds of Slayer masks in game, different Slayer masks have different function, they can fight with monster, they will get Runescape Gold when you kill monsters, that is reward for you.

However what isn't so great is the 23 bank slots which they take up if you have them all. My idea is that Jagex create a new feature where we can combine our slayer masks and/or helms as well as the Ram skulll we get from Rag and Bone man Quest. The Ram skull with masks added could give to some very unique mask/helm designs. If you complete the Quest extended wish list, you will unlock the weekly teleport to the skeletal horror. I think the quest should be a basic requirement to access the ability to combine these items. As well as having a Ram Skull to add our masks to. (And once you add a mask to the Ram Skull, be able to get the bone sack from the Rag and Bone man). The Reason for this is that I don't think good content updates should come with no requirement to access. I think it would be really cool to create, as well as regain some popularity for killing Skeletal Horror. (Maybe more Slayer XP per week for killing it too so it doesn't become dead content? Maybe Hardmode with the bones of some Bosses?)

Why don't the combined masks give bonus XP like a skilling suit? Every mask added would give 0.2% bonus XP and when all 23 are added it could give 4.6%? When the Ram Skull Helm is added you get the remaining 0.4% Totalling in at 5%. The teleport feature should work like the wicked hood, but naturally with not EVERY cumulative teleport daily. If possible, why not be able to combine this with the slayer helm. I think it would only be fair that you have to also have to buy the upgrade for points in order to add certain masks if this were the case, as well as the correct slayer level. Just being able to combine them into one mask/helm you can switch between all forms from (it would probably have to have an interface like the complete clan cloak from Prifddinas) would be good good. I don't see any reason to bring in the helmet from rag and bone man into this, as it really doesn't have any relevance to the slayer masks from TH. Unfortunately for the latter part of your suggestion (adding the masks/helms to the slayer helmet) there is a definite limit on the amount of functions Jagex can add to a single item and - if I am remembering correctly - the slayer helm is already pretty-much at the limit in terms of functionality. If you're the type who squeals for slayer masks, I'll bet you can manage to buy a bank booster, too.

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